Garage Cruiser, Adventure, Super or MX Wheel Chock


The “Motorcycle Wheel Chock” or “Wheel grab” as it is known are designed to hold your bike in an upright position. This can be used as a free standing or bolt down option this product was specifically designed with the biggest cruisers in mind, it will hold any bike upright, it is very easy to use and fully adjustable for all tyre sizes, even the front (top) swivel cup can be dropped for those front overhanging fenders. For people with no trailers and you have to use your bakkie or van this is ideal, you do not need to mount it you just ride your bike up onto the rear with a ramp into the “Motorcycle chock” let go of the bike and use normal tie downs or X2M’s Tyre tie downs. All materials are electro plated and/or powder coated.



Price R1199