Harri’s grips have been designed to enhance driving sensitivity and  security. The outer surface is made from a transparent polymer (TSC) coming  straight from the aerospace industry. This provides better ergonomics  and a firmer grip.

Main features:
– International patent: DM/049639, US: VA 1-242-397
– Top quality material
– Resistant to atmospheric agents, UV rays, ozone
– Inner flange buttressed to support the hand and neutralise vibrations
– Smooth upper surface, enhanced comfort
– Lower surface provides maximum grip for the fingers
– Outer flange for lateral hold marked “UP” to indicate the correct  position
– Anatomical shape and structure.


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01687-KZAR 01687-BA 01687-GSAG 01687-GSRA
01687-GSRS 01687-GSXA 01687-GSXN 02623-SSF
01663-SSF 01687-R1 01687-R1A 01687-R6A
01687-R6R 01687-YZAG 01687-YZF 01687-YZFA
01687-YZRN 01684-DNG 01684-DU 01684-FU
01684-TA 01687 01687-RG 01687-RRAG
01687-RRR 01687-RUSA 02605 02613-N
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