X2M Steel light weight folding ramp

Priced from R1199 for the 280mm x 2030mm max weight is 340kg

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X2M Aluminium folding ramp

Priced from R1499 for the 280mm x 2280mm max weight is 340kg


DRC Hybrid folding ramp

Priced from R1680 for the 200mm x 1800mm max weight is 190kg


and R1880 for the 200mm x 2100mm max weight is 175kg

Hybrid Ramp Image

Straight typeFolding typeNon-slip rubber under the tongue to prevent slippage and protects your truck bed.Foot caps for stability, made of ABS resin.6 different style ramps to fit your needs.Folding ramp saves space in your van or truck.

Oxford Aliminium Ramp

Priced from R2599, max weight is 340Kg

Oxford Folding Ramp